Reg Mombassa Hibiscus

This special collaboration between Reg Mombassa and Blunt features one of the artist’s iconic artworks on an umbrella designed for optimum protection from the elements. 

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95 cm / 37 in


36.5 cm / 14 in


350g / 0.77 lb

“I’ve always been happy to get my images off the gallery walls and into the public arena.” Reg Mombassa


Designed for busy people and busy places, the Blunt™ Metro is compact and strong. Sized to give you good coverage while not taking up too much street space, the Metro's auto-open canopy easily collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve.

Blunt Umbrella Metro Reg Mombassa Hibiscus Limited Edition
Blunt Umbrella Metro Reg Mombassa Hibiscus Limited Edition

Reg Mombassa

our BLUNT Metro umbrella straight from instagram

“Its architectural integrity is as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter‘s”


“Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe”

The Wall Street Journal

“Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage…. The Blunt umbrella‘s intelligent design might actually convert this hater”